Winterton-on-sea Coastwatch

This is probably our last write up and indeed a very sad day. Over the last few weeks we have disposed and distributed most of our equipment and sold what we can. It was very sad to see our top unit go today, what was a purpose built base for the safety and life saving of others will become an office. Whatever funding or equipment is left at the end will go to other Search and rescue groups and we have already given a cheque to Winterton Primary school. What is notable is the complete lack of communication from any of the bodies that stood in our way to get reestablished. Nothing from councillors, MPs or local authorities. It’s as though we never existed and are no longer a problem to them. Not a nice feeling for the fourteen man team that trained and worked so hard all on a voluntary basis. A big thanks to S C Crane Assisted Haulage once again. Please take care on the beach and at sea and remember to ring the Coastguard on 999 should you see an incident or indeed have a problem yourself. A big thanks to all of you that supported us over the years.

The whole team wish you all the best for the future and stay safe!.